Encuentre un restaurante en Lyon, capital de la gastronomía

Encuentre un restaurante en Lyon, capital de la gastronomía

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Despite its myriad other appeals, for many, when you get down to it, though, the real and unambiguous claim to fame of Lyon and its hinterland "the main reason someone might pop down from Paris, up from Barcelona, or even over from New York" is food, glorious food.

In the area considered France's restaurant capital, with more than 1,500 eating spots, you'll find traditional Lyonnais cookery at eateries called bouchons and an increasingly large complement of world cuisines.

But the true heavy hitters in these parts are the so-called grandes tables, the "gastronomic restaurants" that rake in all sorts of Michelin stars. Of the 26 restaurants currently boasting three Etoiles in France, five are in the Lyon area (one's even helmed by a woman, Anne-Sophie); another three sport two stars, and nine have one. And by the way, the dining, along with hotels, tends to be less pricey than in Paris.

Here's a cross section of highlights, from simple to sublime:

Le Bec
14 rue Grolée, Lyon 2
tel. 33-4-78-42-15-00
The menu’s ever-changing at this 2 Michelin star flagship of Nicholas Le Bec, the man who since winning the Gault-Millau Chef of the Year in 2002 has been giving Paul Bocuse a run for his money as Lyon’s most famous cooker. Allow at least two hours to be dazzled by Le Bec’s creations; when a meal starts with a “café crème” of meringued morel mushroom atop soft-boiled egg, multiple oral orgasms are clearly in store.

Les Terrasses de Lyon
25 Montée Saint-Barthélémy, Lyon 5
tel. 33-4-72-56-56-56
Matching the elegant dining room’s exquisite panoramic views of Lyon is a tall order, but Les Terrasses chef Davy Tissot manages quite ably via a menu of sumptuous traditional fare with very modern – and beautifully presented – twists.

Ouest Express
41 rue de Docks, Lyon 9
tel. 33-4-72-17-95-95
Who better to bring finery to fast food than Paul Bocuse himself, with this trendy new outpost (just down the street from his Ouest restaurant) offering superb sandwiches, soups and salads to the masses, with most meals running less than $15. The location northwest of the town center is a bit removed, but worth it for a cheap, hip and tasty new local favorite.


42 cours Franklin-Roosevelt, Lyon 6
tel. 33-4-78-24-37-98
Take one already sublimely gifted chocolate-making family and fold in the gastronomically-gilded genes of Paul Bocuse, and you have today’s Bernachon, the delectable and irresistible high-end chocolatier, bakery and café run by sister and brother team Stephanie and Philippe, whose grandfather was founder Maurice Bernachon and whose uncle is Monsieur Bocuse.


Danièl et Denise
156 rue de Créqui, Lyon 3
tel. 33-4-78-60-66-53
Strap on your fat pants and a smile and head over to this quintessential bouchon, where locals swear by the friendly ambiance and a classic Lyonnais menu of meat, fish and offal delicacies like the battered tripe and the crayfish omelet.


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